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US Air Force MA-1 Flight Jacket. Made in the USA by Valley Apparel*. Often imitated but there is nothing like the original and classic US Air Force MA-1 Flight Jacket made for the military for over 40 years.


Worn by various armed forces and originally adopted by the U.S. Air Force in 1950, this iconic and classic MA-1 jacket has protected pilots from the cold, the wind and the rain with true attention to detail. The Valley MA-1 is made of the highest quality materials and workmanship that you would expect from a true supplier to the US Military.

This workhorse is made for use in cold weather climates (20 degrees F and above) with its famous reversible side to high-visibility Indian Orange that was originally designed for use in emergencies. Classic military Bomber Style jacket.

Made for use in cold weather climates (20 degrees F and above). Temperature Rated to 20 °F (−7°C).



* Valley Apparel LLC is one of the USA’s premier suppliers of Outerwear to not only the USA Military but to Militaries all over the world. Valley Apparel is also one of the largest domestic USA suppliers of Outerwear to foreign Militaries friendly and approved by the US government for export. Official US Military Manufacturer. CAGE code 1SSG5.





  • US Air Force MA-1 Flight Jacket / Made in USA;


  • Water Repellent Military Grade Nylon Flight Satin Outer Shell;


  • 100% Nylon Flight lining & Polyester batting interlining;


  • Made for use in Cold Weather Climates (20 degrees F and above);


  • Front closure storm flap;


  • Knit collar, waistband & cuffs;


  • Signature Zippered utility/pencil pocket;


  • Double Pull Tab on Heavy Duty Zipper;


  • Fully Reversible with Rescue Orange inner shell;


  • 57 separate sewing operations go into making the MA-1;


  • Made in USA by Valley Apparel LLC (Official US Military Manufacturer).


Valley Apparel MA-1 Flight Jacket /Made in USA/ Replica Blue / Size: S

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