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The BDU, which stands for Battle Dress Uniform, was used by the United States Military as the standard combat uniform from the 1980's till the early 2000's.

Rothco's BDU Pants have been combat tested for decades. Our BDU Pants have been made to US military specifications. Features a comfortable, yet extremely durable poly/cotton material (available in Cotton Twill and Rip-Stop) with tons of utility pockets and additional tactical features that make these the ideal military style fatigue pants for military and law enforcement professionals. Rothco's BDU Pants are available in camouflage and solid color patterns and a wide range of sizes. 

Rothco’s BDU Shirt and matching BDU Pants are ideal for military and law enforcement professionals. The collection of military fatigue shirts includes both solid and camouflage patterns in a wide range of sizes.

The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) was first issued in 2004 as the successor to the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)

Rothco's Army Combat Uniforms (ACU) are made to military specifications (mil-spec). Rothco's collection of Army Combat Uniforms includes both the ACU Digital Camo Shirt and Pants. In addition, Rothco carries a Woodland Digital Camo and Black versions of the ACU Military Uniform with the same features. 

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