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Vests are worn all over the world by different militaries and different types of people. Military Vests are used for many types of activities such as during combat. Tactical Vests can be made from many different materials such as polyester or even nylon material. People wear Vests on camping trips, walking through woods, out fishing, and even paint balling. Vests are not just by Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, or Outdoor Enthusiasts. Vests are great for anyone who wants a functional, durable, comfortable type of clothing for whatever the person is doing. Vests were made to fit men but they are unisex so they may be worn by both a women and a man. Tactical Vests are made to match the outfit of your choice, weather it is worn over a BDU Shirt or a Flight Jacket. Rothco carry all different types of Vests. The different types of men's Vests are Tactical Vests, Safety Vests, or just a Vest that you want to wear for fashion.

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